We believe in Values

Our mission is to support organisations and individuals,

to take positive values based action,

to create benefits for people and our planet.

What we do

We help people and organisations to connect with others with the same Values.

We call this Value Matching.

As although we all believe in vastly differently things, what is important to both individuals and organisations, can be simplified to just six ‘Values’.

Our Six Values

Responsible Action

If you Value doing the right thing

Value Environment

Protecting the natural world

Value People

Caring for people

Value Community

Strength in numbers

Sustainable Prosperity

If you Value learning and earning

Value Relationships

Connecting with others

Why We Do It

Because the world is complex, and we all see it differently. 

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could see at a glance, what another person or organisation believed in?

Then you could recognise their Values and see if they match your own?

How We Do It

We provide resources to empower everyone to talk about their Values in a way that can be easily understood by others.

We assist organisations to embed purpose and Values into the heart of their operations.

We connect socially purposed buyers with suppliers who share their Values.

We support charities and social enterprises to win contracts and procure effectively.

We collaborate with people and organisations who share our vision.

Empowering individuals to talk about their Values in a way that will be easily understood by others. Read more about how our six Values can make acting on your principles simpler and more effective.

Supporting organisations with charitable and social purposes at their heart to increase their financial sustainability through commercial activity and effective procurement. Read more about our aims and the organisations who we work with.

Helping organisations to embed purpose and Values into the heart of their actions. Read more about how this enhances the benefits that you create, not only within your own organisation, but also for society and our planet.

How You Do It

By using our Value Badges on social media and as part of your marketing approach, you can talk more easily about what matters to you.

Just select the Values that are most important to you and ‘badge up’ your profile. Also use them in posts to tag the issues that you care about.

You can then connect with other people who prioritise the same Values as you do.

You can buy from businesses and people who share your Values.

You can work for organisations that share your Values.

As an organisation, you can attract customers, employees, investors and supporters based on what you stand for.