More About Our Six Values:
Value the Environment

Our Value of the Environment supports the protection and enhancement of the natural environment.

It is seen as a primary driver of support for the following of the United Nation’s Sustainability Goals.



An individual identifying the Environment as a Value, would prioritise acting in such ways as:

  • Appreciating the natural world, supporting and advocating for its protection and enhancement.
  • Combating climate change by choosing green sources of energy and limiting the amount of energy and water that they consume.
  • Reducing wastage by not creating waste in the first place, re-using, selling, giving away or donating any unwanted items, and recycling when possible.
  • Using goods and undertaking activities that limit the amount of pollution and chemicals released, including using less plastic.
  • Buying goods that are made from sustainable sources and produced using environmentally responsible methods.
  • Enhancing the natural environment by planting trees, flowers and encouraging wildlife.

An organisation Valuing the Environment would prioritise acting in accordance with the following:

  • Taking initiatives to combat climate change throughout its operations.
  • Sustainable management and consumption of our natural resources including energy and water usage, sustainable mining and extraction, harvesting and fishing, responsible design and production.
  • Access to sufficient food, energy, clean water and sanitation for all people.
  • Reduction in the generation of waste through prevention, recycling and re-use.
  • Reduction of the release of pollutants and chemicals into the air, water and soil.
  • Creation of a circular economy and use of sustainable procurement and transparent reporting.
  • Protection, restoration and creation of new habitats to strengthen ecosystems and maintain biodiversity.
  • Reducing the impact on the environment of human settlements.

Coming soon: our pdf which maps how this Value supports the legal duties of companies, charities and public sector organisations.