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At Value Match Foundation we
have prioritised the following Values.

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We seek to create social benefit in two ways. Directly in our support for charities and socially purposed organisations to deliver the good that they do. This in turn supports the achievement of our other three values. Indirectly, by increasing an individual’s feeling of inclusion, sense of citizenship and belonging. This ‘togetherness’ comes through a feeling of contribution to the positive functioning of our societies.


As for us, social benefit creation is maximised by strong values-centred connections between individuals and organisations. We seek to support the forming of these connections through our work.


As we are committed to supporting charities and socially purposed organisations to become more financially sustainable through commercial trading and effective procurement.

Value the

As we believe that to protect the wellbeing of future generations and to preserve the diversity of the natural world, everyone should consider what they can do to tackle climate change.

We live our Values in six ways

At Value Match Foundation we have prioritised the following Values.

Offering free web-based training to charitable and socially purposed organisations. This training is donated by Value Match Services and Consulting through their online training portal ‘The Value Match Academy’.

Providing pro-bono professional advice and workplace training. Wherever practical, we will fund other charitable and socially purposed organisations to share their expertise with their peers.

Creating opportunities for charitable and socially purposed organisations to apply for financial assistance and grants. So as to help them engage in activities to generate commercial income and effective procurement.

Promoting the effective use of resources for charitable purposes by charitable and non-charitable bodies. In other words, promoting charitable purposes, pursued by organisations, whatever the sector. 

Facilitate participation in commercial marketplaces and support charitable and socially purposed organisations in gaining accreditations and memberships, such as Social Enterprise Mark and Social Value UK.

Advocate sustainable development for public benefit through the promotion of our six Values. So as to create increased societal awareness for the capabilities of charitable and socially purposed organisations, to deliver positive social change.