The Value Match Model

The Model provides a four-stage framework for developing the capabilities of organisations, functions, projects or procurements to realise the maximum benefit achievable from acting in accordance with purpose and values.

Background image Understanding what matters to us, including our purpose and priorities. Ensuring our compliance with legal and policy obligations.

Values Aware

Background image Developing a Values Strategy, by considering what we do now and our options to increase our impact by embedding our Values throughout our operations.

Values Focused

Background image Delivering our Values Strategy via a coordinated programme, putting our Values at the heart of what we do, seeking to maximise the benefits created.

Values First

Background image

Being an advocate for our Values. Optimising realised benefits by collaborating with Stakeholders who exemplify our Values in how they plan and act.

Values Matched

Do I have to pay to use the Model?

No, the Model will be free for all organisations to use.

As we want to make sure that there is no financial or resource barrier to any organisation strategically embedding their Values at the heart of their operations.

If we use the model, can we use a logo to publicise this?

Yes, organisations who are using the Value Match Model will be eligible, on registration with us, to display a Value Match Model logo to showcase their capabilities. A contribution to the Value Match Foundation will be appreciated for use of the logos.


Is the Model part of a standard or accreditation?

No, the four stages of the Value Match Model are not a pathway to any accreditation. Rather, the Model is informed by and supports other standards and methodologies.

Again, this is because gaining accreditations has cost and resource implications, and we want to assist as many organisations as possible to act on their Values, without any barriers to access.

Our aim is to connect as many people and organisations as possible, using our Value Matching approach to reach across different standards, sectors and industries.

Read more about the standards and approaches which the Model supports.

How can we be sure that an organisation acts on its Values if they are not accredited?

Because we believe that an organisation just has to be transparent about how it acts in accordance with its Values. This can be as simple as publishing information on their website, in organisational reports and on social media.

It is this transparency that is the key to ensure understanding, proving integrity, create trust and therefore enable ‘Value Matchingbetween organisations and individuals.

Further details of the Value Match Model will be soon be available from our online Values Resource ‘ValueBox’.