More About Our Six Values:
Responsible Action

Our Value of Responsible Action supports the principles of ethical governance and respect for the property rights of individuals and organisations.

It is seen as a primary driver of support for the following of the United Nation’s Sustainability Goals.


An individual identifying Responsible Action as a Value would prioritise acting:

  • Honestly and with integrity.
  • With good manners, following the rules of behaviour in our societies such as not jumping a queue and following social distancing.
  • To honour any commitments that they make, keeping their word.
  • To balance their needs fairly against those of others, such as not taking something offered, when they know that someone else needs it more.
  • To redress unfairness when they see wrongdoing.
  • If they have money to invest, doing so ethically.
  • To protect their personal information and on-line security and respect the privacy of others.
  • Basically, to do the ‘right thing’.

An organisation identifying Responsible Action as a Value, would prioritise acting in accordance with the following:

  • Cornerstones of fair operating practice in compliance with all applicable legislation and regulation.
  • Respect for property rights, data protection and privacy.
  • Prevention of collusion and corruption.
  • The provision of assurance through fiscal and risk management, legal compliance and cyber security.
  • Transparent decision making and reporting, with emphasis on performance against Values commitments, sustainability goals and targets across all Value Strategies.
  • Democratic representation and accountable leadership with no abuse of power.
  • Provision of strategic and operational purpose through policies, mission and values setting to empower and create impetus.

Coming soon: our pdf which maps how this Value supports the legal duties of companies, charities and public sector organisations.