Value Matching

At Value Match Foundation we help to connect individuals and organisations with the same Values, so that they can work together sustainably, to meet the needs of the present, without compromising the flourishing of future generations and our planet.

How does the work of the Foundation do this?

We do this through our six Values which create a common language that we all can use to talk about what is important to us and how we act to create good outcomes.

As if we all use the same language we are more likely to identify others with the same Values as us.

And if we choose, we can then act with like-minded others, to create greater benefit than we would if we acted alone.

We call this process of identifying others who share our values, Value Matching.

How do I, as an individual, match my Values with other people and organisations?

By choosing your Values, then displaying Value Badges on your social media profiles, blogs and posts, on t-shirts, jewellery. Whatever works for each person!

But most simply, just talk about your Values and show this site to others. Discuss why your Values are important to you and find out which Values other people connect with. 

Through this, you should identify individuals who share your Values, so that you can form connections, networks and friendships. Maybe even take joint action on something that you believe in!

Organisations display their Values, using our Value Tiles alongside their logos, on websites, documents, case studies and marketing material.

Individuals can then check to see if and how an organisation is acting to uphold the Values that they believe are important.

We can all then more easily, choose which organisations to buy from, work for, invest in and donate to.

We’re an organisation: how do we match our Values with others?

Organisations display their Values using our Value Match tiles.

An organisation using the tiles should also demonstrate what they do to act in accordance with their Values. Otherwise their Values commitment would be hollow and meaningless.

As an organisation, using our tiles should help you attract customers, investors and donors. And most importantly, employees who share your Values.

As unless the people who work for your organisation share its Values, then your organisation is unlikely to be able to put its Values into effect.

Displaying your Values will also help you collaborate with other purpose-driven organisations and form more meaningful strategic partnerships.

Read more about how our ‘Value Match Tiles’ as this can enable the identification of the Values of organisations at a glance.

The tiles can be displayed in the format that best suits your marketing approaches and existing logos.

Read more about how our six Values provide the basis of Value Matching.