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Contribute to our work to promote values and to support charities and socially purposed organisations to become more financially sustainable. Your donation will be greatly appreciated – thank you.

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We’re looking for volunteer Ambassadors to spread our message in their local community and networks. Including being eligible to display our ‘ValueMatched’ frame on their social media profiles. 

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Sharing by Individuals

Individuals can choose to express their commitment to creating social benefit through our free Value Badges and LinkedIn Frames.

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Value Match Tiles for Organisations

Register with us to be able to use our Value Match Tiles for your organisation, in return for this, we would appreciate a contribution to our work, based on the value of our Tiles to you. To acknowledge your contribution, we will list you on our Value Match Directory 2021/22 as one of our sponsors. 

Displaying the Tiles on your web site and social media profiles will enable your Values commitment to be recognised by at a glance.

 The Tiles are free to use for eligible charities and socially purposed organisations, however a contribution to cover our costs and fund the work of the Foundation will always be appreciated. Coming soon: more about the charitable work that we support.

Contact us to obtain Value Match Tiles for  use by Organisations. These can be used with or without the legends and in range of layouts to complement your logos and marketing.

Purpose led procurement solutions delivered with integrity

Matching Expertise with purpose through procurement and management consultancy

The Value Match Model provides a four-stage framework for developing the capabilities of organisations, functions, projects or procurements to realise the maximum benefit that can be achieved from authentic action in accordance with purpose and values.

Read more about the Value Match Model.