More About Our Six Values:
Sustainable Prosperity

Sustainable Prosperity as a Value supports individuals and organisations to thrive, creating ethical trading as well as learning opportunities. It also underpins the creation of sustainable buildings and communities, so as to limit the impact of human settlements on the environment and create flourishing communities which are inclusive and resilient.

It is seen as a primary driver of support for the following of the United Nation’s Sustainability Goals.


An individual identifying Sustainable Prosperity as a Value would prioritise acting in such ways as:

  • Seeking self-improvement through gaining skills and learning.
  • Contributing to society according to their abilities, to support themselves, their families, and others who depend on them. This could be through working, volunteering and supporting others who do so.
  • Creating and supporting opportunities for others to seek self-improvement through gaining skills, volunteering and working.
  • Limiting the resources that they consume, by not buying or using more than they need, to ensure that there are enough resources to provide for everyone, both now and in the future.
  • Buying what they need from organisations who act responsibly, in accordance with their Values.

An organisation identifying Sustainable Prosperity as a Value, would prioritise acting in accordance with the following:

  • Creating training and employment opportunities.
  • Wealth and income generation.
  • Responsible consumption of resources.
  • Enhancement of the built (human-made) environment and infrastructure.
  • Supply chain diversity, including specific support for micro, small and medium entities, including social enterprises and civil society organisations.
  • Equitable commerce including fair payment terms and pricing.
  • Investment in innovation.
  • Access to supply chain opportunities, transparent and non-discriminatory bidding processes which include a sustainable development focus as part of the criteria for supplier selection.

Coming soon: our pdf which maps how this Value supports the legal duties of companies, charities and public sector organisations.